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Skedastics Analytics Platform

Applying proprietary mathematical techniques like those found in machine learning techniques, the Skedastic analytics platform performs real-time analytics to add context to data. Through machine learning, the algorithms identify in near real time which processes and machine operating parameters are most relevant now (and in the future) to improve operational efficiency and quality. By adding context, operational visualization, alerts and alarms and predictive analytics, the Skedastic platform assists factory in making better decisions to achieve lean manufacturing operations. Delivering actionable intelligence through descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. The Skedastic analytics platform improves:

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics creates a new level of actionable knowledge for production in real-time.
Scenario- The platform predicts yield to product failure to double in the next 10-30 mins.; with insight as to what process along the line is contributing the most.

Predictive Analytics allows lines to be simulated and tested live in real-time to determine effectiveness. Creating faster iteration/innovation and productivity and quality.


Why Assimilate Factory Line Data?
• Data from transactional sources is acquired via redo or transaction logs
• Structured and non-structured data
• No production impact
• No application changes


• Enrich live Big Data with historical data sources
• Process faster
• Execute SQL-like queries
• Build in-flow analytics creating real-time response
• Trace failures back to source on-the-fly
• Algorithms automatically improve over time
• Alert in real time based on predictive analytic model results


• Continuous Big Data records
• Realtime drag & drop dashboards
• Predictive alerts
• Manufacturing trends
• Business trends (OEE,KPI’s)
• Data patterns
• Outliers

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About Skedastic

Formed in 2013, Skedastic was founded to exploit big data opportunities in the manufacturing markets.

The Skedastic analytics platform utilizes experience from the financial markets and automation technologies to build applications that create context out of data streams and provide new actionable intelligence for users.

Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications on the factory floor, the Skedastic analytics platform provides a suite of software analytic tools to help manufacturers improve their plant operations.